5 Ways HR Managers Can Directly Impact the Bottom Line

Is HR on Your Growth Team?
Growth in revenue and profitability is always king in business! Though not considered a front-line function, Human Resources is part of the “A” team in making growth happen!

Human Resource managers are critically important to realizing a company’s growth strategy, especially in building an organization capable of being value-add resources for their customers.

Growth is directly affected by excellence in customer experience and customer service. HR is an integral part of integrating that spirit of customer-focused excellence into the company’s core values and culture!

5 Ways HR Managers Can Directly Impact the Bottom Line:

  • ensuring the company’s core values are aligned with the customer and defined in such a way that is modeled and actionable for employees
  • defining job descriptions and hiring the type of employees that are customer zealots
  • planning leadership development programs that are aligned with a customer focused DNA
  • helping to facilitate and lead organizational change so that employees feel a part of reaching the company’s ‘customer value’ vision
  • build a more productive and effective ‘growth producing’ employee base.

Without HR’s support and leadership in the effort, the organization is not positioned for long-term success, especially in this tough economic environment.  They are a critical component in enabling growth.

Use these 5 points to evaluate your own company.

Is HR on your Growth Team?

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